Jyoti's 26th Birthday

Hi loves,

I'm Jyoti, the founder of Highonfleurs. First of all, I am having 26% off the entire collection for my 26th birthday which will only last until 12/11/2019. Use code: birthday26 at the checkout.

So I had a light bulb moment and had this great idea! To celebrate my birthday I want to donate to this non-profit organisation One Tree Planted. They plant trees all over the world - $1 = 1 Tree. Every purchase made on highonfleurs.com, I will donate £1 from each sale to plant a tree somewhere in the world. You do not have to spend extra money at the checkout. It will be a gift from me in your name to the world. 

I thought this was such an amazing way to give back to the environment. I try my best to keep this brand as sustainable as I can. All the packagings are recycled plastics and papers and the actual fabric is also high-quality recycled polyester.

I believe that each individual can do so much for the environment, even if it's just the smallest thing like changing their light bulb to something more energy-saving or using metal straws or saying no to cutleries when ordering takeouts - it's still a step forward towards sustainable living. It's better than doing nothing. 

I found this amazing thing online, it's a search engine called Ecosia where they plant a tree approx every 45 searches. It's B Corp certified so you know it's legit. I mean you could really be planting trees while browsing the internet.  If that doesn't inspire you then...


Anyways, I want to keep doing stuff like these where I pick out different charities and causes to donate to. You guys can always suggest me anything else I can be involved in. I'm open to suggestions and feedback.

Happy shopping and let's give back together x