About Highonfleurs (HOF)


Growing up, I wanted to be all sorts of things - an astronomer, an astrophysicist, and more. But as it turns out, I was too busy matching my shoes to my bag and braiding my hair to focus on studying electrons and protons. I guess it just wasn't meant to be!
But as I got older, I realized that I had a different passion - fashion. My best friend and I would always design our "dream fashion line," and little did I know, this was the beginning of my journey in fashion.
Fast forward to now, and I'm excited to share my passion and dream with you through Highonfleurs. This brand is all about celebrating who you are and being unapologetically yourself. I design clothing that I feel is missing from my own wardrobe (because let's face it, I'm always looking for the perfect outfit). And I hope that there are other women out there who will fall in love with these pieces too.
Each design represents a part of me and where I am in my life. So if you see a frilly dress that looks like it belongs on the set of a romantic comedy, you know it's because I'm feeling particularly whimsical. And if you see a sleek and chic jumpsuit, it's because I'm feeling like a boss lady.
I hope that when you wear these pieces, you feel like the best version of yourself. Thanks for joining me on this journey and for sharing in my passion for fashion.

Love, Jyoti X